Friday, March 26, 2010

Mommy is Gone Yumyums No.1

That's right. Mommy is gone for a far beyond well deserved vacation overseas. Hurray! This means Pala makes an extra effort to feed us junk food. But since Mommy will be seeing pictures of our junk food, "we must make some of our projects semi healthy" says Pala. So, as you can see, home made potato chips!! It was quite oily, but we're not at an age to worry about such nonsense. Anything just a little bit yummy must promptly be put in our mouths and tucked away never to been seen it's original state anyway.
We hope you had a fun flight Mommy, Willy(called so just for you Cryssy) and Grandma. Auntie Pia and Ceeca must be soooooo happy to see you all.


Cryssy said...

It's very sweet of you to let me spend time with my family in the US Paula. You're the best nanny ever.
And thank you for feeding my children healthy food in the funnest way ever!!

Sun said...

GBY Pala! I'm sure you're feeding them just fine...whatever that means...ha.
Good thing about mommy's gone is that you post/update pics a lot!

Have fun, Cryssy!