Wednesday, December 31, 2008


do you know how hard it is...
to get a bunch of crazy people....
to take one...JUST ONE
decent photo? ( note Lulu's flared nostrils)
just kidding...they did alright in the end
they even cooperated with extras
with dear Auntie Chibi (note the darling poses)
healthy Noni chewies do it again!! ( on more about Noni, give Grandpa a call!!)

oh yes, that's right, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! it sure is a happy warm new day here! We hope yours is too, with many more to come.

Monday, December 29, 2008

awww.....but its vacation...

Please pray for us! we have a tummy bug and vacation officially starts from......tonight!!! it would be cool if we can run and jump and play and eat lots of yummy food...sigh....

Ceddy is a gentleman!

I was taking the vaccum cleaner upstairs, it was seperated in 2 parts. On my way up the stairs, I meet Ceddy. "Do you need help Paula?" "ummm...not really...I guess you could take this part though" I said as I prepared to hand him the smaller of the parts. " No, it's fine I can take it" Ceddy said as he took the whole vaccum cleaner from my hands. the big part, AND the small part! He set it down nicely and stuck the parts together for me. Sucha gentleman!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

the 'VonBegley family singers!'

First you get this one and this one,
then this one, (Shanie, bass oniyaidesu!)
then this one, (kyyaaaa!! kawaii!!)
AND this one! (wa! kakkoii janai!!)
talk about knock outs! one will know what hit'em!
The boys have been performing at different institutions, parties, and assorted audiences and they're loving it! and so do all the people they perform for.

Merry Belated Christmas...

aww...that's just a short year ago...
..and look at how much we've grown!

sweet Lady and sweet Lulu

We came home from and outing one day and Lady excitedly came to greet Alec, licking his face all over and Alec, with sincereity and emotion says, " ohhhhhh she's soooooo sweet!!!! she's the BEST kisser I've ever known!"

Season of Jolly Holly!

Auntie Chibi is the best Chibi!
-A Christmas studd-
-christmas dinner in Niigata
-decorating the tree with Grandpa-

"alright, let's get this photo over with for Paula"

"what are you looking at? is something out of place?"
" full? I'm not full! I'm just getting started!"
The Christmas season was fun and busy with lots of food!! It gave us lots of energy and joy to carry on the busy season. We hope all of you guys, our dear family, had a jolly holly!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ally Angel

"That's a picture of me still in Heaven!! did you get a photo of me in Heaven?" (in Alec's own words)
Then he really wanted one of himself with short I quickly did one last night. "Paula Paula, can I show you something?" He must've showed me the exact same thing at least 6 times. As he holds my hand he quickly adds, " I just want to be with you" who can resist that? aw definetly an angel.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

beauty tip: be PG

"...Trees are the most beautiful of God's creation, besides women- especially pregnant women!"
- quote LWG:2 with slight alternation

Audience expanded...Grammy and Grappy

February....i think..--2008
We heard that Grandpa and Grandma now view us sometimes...must make updates more often because so much happens in our lives and we grow fast! Even Mommy!..actually it's the baby.
Awww....would you take a look at that? Now this is a family to be proud of!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

chapped sugarlips

In case you are wondering Mommy, Paula does put chapstick on me, but it is slow to heal as I find it quite yummy smelling and subconsciously lick it off durring school and play. I thought you might worry as my lips weren't in it's best condition in the previous photos. I believe Paula should use maybe a not so yummy flavor when she makes me put chapstick on me...maayyybe

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

ohhh joy!

ice-cream from Lena san's friend! now THIS makes all of our many duties joyful!! We even let Paula take photos without her having to make up strange stories.

we get along...

...oh so well
Today's game: " Son, you have to be careful....."can you guess who the son is?
Pinkie is just too fun!!! I'm sure she enjoys me too!
"hanashi ga au ne! Ryo kun daisuki!"
"'s nice reflecting on life with you Ryo kun." "yEssth"

Monday, November 24, 2008

Autumn leaves

that's what Fall is good for!!! leaf fights!!

oh my!! is that Shane??..and..and Bradyn???

that's right!! I (Paula) successfully got photos of the near impossible to catch, Shane and Bray! well, Shane's back anyways.
I'm so glad Ced still likes to pose.

Well, Bray was quite cooperative when I told him it was for portfolios to show the officials when they come over to make sure we are educating and training our children! without these photos they may get taken to "Babylon"!! Shane just smirked.